S-R Flip-Flop

After I search on the internet and read many, I finally know how SR Flip-Flop works! The online and book explanation like High level IQ Quizz for me, thus I try to simplify it and I assume you know what is flip-flop.

S‑R flip‑flop has 2 inputs, S (set) and R (reset) and 2 output,Qn ,Qn+1 .In the diagram above, (also for JK and D flip-flops), they used another input called clock.  It is to control the movement of input that is input will only occur when given a clock pulse (synchronous circuit).

Before I start to explain how it work! Read the details below!

Qn     = present state/condition
Qn+1 = next state/condition

  1. If the input of S and R is 0 then the Output(Qn+1) will remain it state at Qn!
  2. If the input of S is 0, while R is 1's, the output(Qn+1) will become 0.
  3. if the input of S is 1 while R is zero, the output(Qn+1) will become 1.
  4. The input of S and R cannot both is 1's.

May be you think it was too simple, yes is it. Just don't know why book and online resource explain it in hard way. If any correction or have a reason to explain in hard way ,please tell me through comment. Thank for reading !


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