Analog Signal and data

Analog data

Analog data is refers to information that is continuous, example like the analog clock that has hour,minute and seconds hands that provide information in continuous form.

Analog data like the sounds made by human voice, take on continuous values. when someone speaks, an analog wave is created in the air. This can be captured by a microphone and converted to an analog signal or sampled and converted to a digital signal.

Analog Signals

Analog signal is similar as data, an analog signal has infinitely many levels of intensity over a period of time, As the wave moves from value A to value B, it passes through and includes an infinite number of values along its path.

Analog signal

Periodic & non-periodic analog signals
There are two type of analog signal which are periodic analog signal and non-periodic signals. The graph above you may think that is a non-periodic analog signal but it was a periodic analog signal because it repeats pattern over subsequent identical periods. Periodic analog signals can be simple or composite.

Simple signal
Simple periodic analog signal can be illustrated using a sine wave or cos wave. It was the simplest form of analog signal. While composite periodic analog signal is composed of multiple sine waves.Sine wave is basic from of a periodic analog signal.
(I assume that you all know about the mathematical approach to sine waves.)

Since wave have many application in daily life, one of the example is transfer/carry electric energy from one place to another.It was use by power company send a single sine wave with frequency of60Hz to distribute electric energy to user.

Sine wave

Composite signal

Another type of periodic analog signals is composite signal. We can't use a single sine wave to convey conversation over the phone, because it would make no sense and carry no information. There are a french mathematician Jean-Baptiste Fourier showed that any composite signal is actually combination of simple sine waves with different frequencies,amplitudes, and phases.


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