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What is PD proxy?

PD-Proxy VPN Service can be a software that encrypt your connection by providing you a Virtual private Network(VPN) services. With PD proxy/VPN, you can visit the uncensored websites or services that have been blocked by your Internet Service Provider(ISP). Beside you can access the websites that are outside your country, outside your office or outside your school resp. your university network.You can get visit to blocked websites or blocked content due to circumventing geometric , IP or other blockades.

PD proxy provide highly anonymously. You can surf completely anonymous through the Internet with any connection method you want. No one can find your real IP address and know where your location. PD proxy let you surf as an American, a German, a Dutch … wherever you are. There are about 135 servers of the Pd proxy which across the world.

Besides, PD proxies also can provide security guard public internet connection such as Hotspot,WiFi,Hotel  or restaurant internet, so you can make payments or transactions without worry about the security.

PD-Proxy premium User!!

In Pd-Proxy, There are 2 type of user which is Trial User and Premium User. Trial user can only use demo server and need to restart connection every  hours but premium user can choose to access servers that  located around the world like United Kingdom, German, Russia, USA, Netherlands,Canada and others with unlimited bandwidth.However , if you use gaming server there are a bandwidth limit which was 100MB/day.
Here got the top server recommend by user:
  1. Seattle (US) - UDP
  2. Texas (US) - UDP
  3. Los Angeles 1 (US) - UDP
  4. SG Gaming (SG) - UDP
  5. Chicago 1 (US) - UDP
  6. San Jose (US) - UDP

There are 4 type of package of premium account :
  1. 1 Month of premium account for Php 150
  2. 3 Month of premium account for Php 420
  3. 6 Month of premium account for Php 800
  4. I years of premium account for Php 1500
You can pay via PayPal, Liberty Reserve and GCash or find a reseller !

This surge of demand is mainly due to growing internet censorship and extensive visitor tracking worldwide. Countries like China, Iran and UAE has blocked many of the world's top websites and services including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, Google, Skype etc. These blocked services and websites can only be accessed using a Proxy or VPN.

You can set your own port, parent proxy and tap setting.

Thank for reading , if any question can leave comment below.


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